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Specializing in helping non-Japanese clients navigate the Japanese legal system
Brain-Heart Law Offices is committed to assisting those who find themselves in legal problems
Brain-Heart Law Offices is committed to providing timely information, viable alternatives and competent representation
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Importance of Legal Assistance in Japan

 The Brain-Heart Law Offices attorneys have years of experience providing legal assistance in Japan. Living and working in a foreign country is difficult enough. However, when legal issues, contracts, or other issues transpire, cultural and legal intricacies, including listening carefully and fully understanding the problem, are often barriers to success. Communicating persuasively with English-speaking assistance helps resolves the concerns of all parties involved.

Importance of choosing an expert Japanese attorney

When legal difficulties arise, not seeking legal counsel in English, not understanding Japanese law, or not having experience with the Japanese justice system almost always leads to even more significant problems. But legal assistance, expertise, and a superior understanding of likely results can be advantageous if used judicially. 

For example, an Immigration Attorney  is the only legal representative who has passed the Japanese bar. In contrast, a Judicial Scrivener who completes forms and goes to Immigration Offices is not an attorney but just calls themselves an attorney. This is a pitfall of translation and know-how. In addition, if legal problems occur, a Judicial Scrivener cannot draw upon experience as an attorney to solve your problems and cannot appear in court or file papers, motions, or demand letters on your behalf.

Who We Are

The Brain-Heart Law Offices consist of expert attorneys who have years of experience communicating persuasively with all parties concerned to resolve the issues empathetically for all parties involved.

We are always honest with our clients. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about assisting you. Our offices serve clients in all regions, including Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka and Fukushima, and takes appointments for consultations and requests from individuals, businesses, and organizations nationwide.

We have a long track record of successfully
representing our clients in difficult situations and
obtaining favorable results. Moreover, we fight for our
client’s rights with vigor.

As a result, our law office is regarded as one of Japan’s most reputable and successful legal practices. Our attorneys have years of experience in dealing with a variety of legal issues.

What We Offer

(1) Online and telephone consultations using Zoom and Skype; consultations in English available.

(2) Online reservations available 24/7.

(3) We accept payment by credit card, electronic payment systems, bank transfers, and cash.
(4) When feasible, we use Electronic Al contract review software to keep our costs low and turnaround times quick.
(5) We use dedicated cloud applications for debt collection services.
Personal Attorneys

Personal attorneys, the personal version of a corporate attorney, are one of our goals to bring awareness to the concept. Furthermore, even if you have no pressing difficulties or issues, we can often serve as a personal guide to protect your future in Japan.

Practice Areas
These are the basic foundations on which we build our legal practice.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is a legal branch that deals with businesses and other organizations.

Immigration Law

Immigration Laws are concerned with the administrative practice and strategies that sovereign states use to manage immigration procedures.

Criminal Law

Criminal law, is concerned with the charging and prosecution of individuals who is charged with any act in violation of the Tribal Law Statutes.

Civil Law

Civil law regulates relationships between individuals.

Family, Marriage, and Financial Law

Family Law laws includes areas such as prenuptial agreements, post-judgment modifications, separation, divorce, child custody, visitation, and child support. Financial Law also includes Personal Bankruptcy, Voluntary Liquidation, Inheritance, Small Scale Debt Resettlement, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Preventative Law

Preventative Law is proactive legal service helping individuals and businesses plan for the future.

Online Legal Service In Japan

“Online Legal Service” is for clients who cannot come to our offices and meet with an attorney  in person for a consultation, or for those who want to consult from a more convenient location. We offer Online Legal Service via Skype or Zoom.

Our Team

Enthusiastic individuals working for extraordinary people.

Harutaka Kanno
President, Partner, and Attorney-at-law

Member, Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association

Ikuo Horiai
Area Manager

Member, Dai-Ichi Tokyo Bar Association

Legal Team
Yokohama Office General Affairs Manager Attorney-at-law

Member, Kanagawa Prefectural Bar Association

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