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Citizens Group Files Civil Lawsuit to Have Crime Syndicate Removed from neighborhood

Civil Lawsuit

Case Background of Civil Lawsuit

In Ikki-machi, Aizu Wakamatsu City, residents filed a civil lawsuit at District Court, Aizu Wakamatsu Branch, on March 30, against the tenants and owner of a Yamaguchi Gumi crime syndicate office. The Plaintiffs demanded injunctive relief against the use of the office, based on their personal rights, claiming they are living with the potential of bodily harm and menace, and that the existence of the crime syndicate is infringing upon their right to lead a peaceful life.

Funding for the civil lawsuit

The Plaintiffs consist of approximately 2,400 residents and 18 attorneys. The cost of the lawsuit will be covered by donations from the residents and assistance from the Prefectural Citizens’ Council for the Expulsion of Crime Syndicates.

Activities of the Japanese Crime Syndicate

In December of last year, the Crime Syndicate office in question was relocated to Ikki-machi. As a result, students who used to walk in front of the office on the way to school were forced to change their route. In June, a “Crime Syndicate Expulsion Center” was opened next to the crime syndicate office, and police officers were stationed there 24 hours a day.