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Crime Syndicate and Citizens Strike Deal to Move From Premises After 2400 Residents File Lawsuit

Japanese Crime Syndicate
In a lawsuit in District Court, Aizu Wakamatsu Branch, filed by approximately 2,400 residents against the general manager of a crime syndicate and the owner of the land and building in Ikkimachi, Aizu Wakamatsu City, a settlement was reached in which the crime syndicate agreed to move its offices by the end of December.

Trial and Settlement

No crime syndicate members other than the owner will be allowed to enter the building after the relocation.
The emblem of the crime syndicate will not be displayed in the future. Representatives from both sides will enter the building next year to confirm that the office has been removed.

The outcome of the Case

The crime syndicate’s office was relocated to Ikkimachi in November 2006. However, the residents have been claiming that their “personal rights,” the right to lead a peaceful life, were violated.

The lead attorney appraised the settlement saying that “the crime syndicate agreed with the removal of the office, and that the residents’ demands have been accepted for the most part.”