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Your Personal Attorney, Harutaka Kanno

Residents of Fukushima were left with nothing after the nuclear meltdown in 2011. In a country where it is essential to remember the past, respect your family, and focus on ensuring that everyone around you lives in wellbeing, citizens of Fukushima were left with nothing after the nuclear meltdown in 2011. They have been unable to return to their homes. Tepco offered them little to no help and support, and they were forced to live in makeshift prefabricated housing, which most of them still do as they have no other alternative. On the other hand, Attorney and President of Brain-Heart Law Offices Harutaka Kanno has a unique perspective on the Fukushima disaster.

Mr. Kanno is a Fukushima native who has worked as an attorney in Tokyo for over 25 years. So the extent of the damage and the poor treatment of the local residents are still fresh in his mind. Mr. Kanno has been donating his time, a significant amount of it, to helping the people of Fukushima for free, even though he needs paying clients to stay in business as an attorney. This is not just a volunteer project or something else to place on a résumé for Mr. Kanno. You would never know how much he has made things better for Fukushima unless you questioned him directly.

He has a brilliant brain and a huge heart, which is why his law firm is called Brain-Heart, and his approach is always to help those in need. So, of course, if you have been fired, forced to resign were laid off, are experiencing financial difficulties, having marital problems, or are facing any other injustice, Mr. Kanno’s first concern is for you.

When he takes on a case, he takes everything you have said and felt to heart and does all he can to make you whole. While no attorney can claim a 100% win rate, the only response is cold and legal when discussing your problems with some attorneys. That is just half of what an attorney should strive for every day. However, to completely resolve a case, you need an attorney who can use their heart and mind to reach a fair and reasonable settlement. Mr. Kanno is waiting to help you be made whole again.

This is the essence of a “Personal Attorney.” A Personal Attorney is the unique version of a corporate attorney, which brings awareness to the concept of retainer services. Even if there are no difficulties or pressing issues at any given moment, our attorneys serve as personal guides for our clients. As a result, our Firm is regarded as one of Japan’s most innovative in the country. Don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Kanno using the Form at the bottom of the page to learn more about retaining a Personal Attorney. 

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