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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

These are the basic foundations on which we build our legal practice.

Corporate Law

Corporate law is a legal branch that deals with businesses and other organizations.

Immigration Law

Immigration Laws are concerned with the administrative practice and strategies that sovereign states use to manage immigration procedures.

Criminal Law

Criminal law, is concerned with the charging and prosecution of individuals who is charged with any act in violation of Criminal Law Statutes.

Civil Law

Civil law regulates relationships between individuals.

Family, Marriage, and Financial Law

Family Law laws includes areas such as prenuptial agreements, post-judgment modifications, separation, divorce, child custody, visitation, and child support. Financial Law also includes Personal Bankruptcy, Voluntary Liquidation, Inheritance, Small Scale Debt Resettlement, and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Preventative Law

Preventative Law is proactive legal service helping individuals and businesses plan for the future.

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